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Imagine my surprise when I found this precise painting on paper hidden away in a presentation folder.
This dates back to 1981. I had just learned the techniques of airbrush, using thinned acrylic to gain some magical effects. I was testing out my style for Porcupine Stew. I was later dubbed a “magic realist” by Hilton Kramer.
This book won a Biennial Illustration Brataslava Award for Children’s book in Czechoslovakia.
AND The American Book Award: Best Art for Books. My award was a Louise Nevelson Limited Edition Sculpture.

It will be offered for sale soon. If you want to be informed about special finds like this and other offers, please subscribe and we’ll stay in touch.

A book by Beverly Major

Original Artwork


Cross-Country Cat is translated from English into Chinese (Cantonese), Japanese, Swedish…

by Mary Calhoun

Chinese Cross-Country Cat

by Mary Calhoun

First Japanese Cross-Country Cat

by Mary Calhoun, illustrated by Erick Ingraham

Swedish Cross-Country Cat

and an alternate name, “Snow Cat”, accompanied the British version. They don’t know much about cross-country skiing, or snow for that matter, on the British Isles, so they had to be quite specific.

by Mary Calhoun

British Edition of Cross-Country Cat

Hot-Air HenryHenry the Sailor Cat and Henry The Christmas Cat have joined the Cross-Country Cat updated edition in the Japanese market.

Mary Calhoun, Erick Ingraham

Japanese Edition of Cross-Country Cat by Mary Calhoun

by Mary Calhoun

Japanese Edition of Hot-Air Henry

by Mary Calhoun

Japanese Edition of Henry the Sailor Cat

by Mary Calhoun

Japanese Henry the Christmas Cat

I’ll be posting a short video here. I just love to pronounce the titles and point things out about each one.

Cross-Country Cat by Mary Calhoun is still in print! Paperback edition. All 13  hardcover books illustrated by Erick Ingraham are cherished collectors items, though it is still possible to acquire copies with a search on Amazon. Some prices are exceeding the original price! My list of books so far will not be around forever and there won’t be any more printed. Full descriptions, reviews, awards for my books can be found on my website; Once you’re there you’ll see I’m offering for purchase some of the remaining Original Artwork from which the books were made. You’ll also see the other avenues I’ve been following in my art career; Oil Painting, Watercolors, a wide variety of illustration styles, and Graphic Design for publishing and branding.


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