There is only one final for each page of the book. Each page has to have one carefully prepared piece of art that the publisher approved, and the printer scans to prepare for the printing of each book. Many of my original artworks have already sold from my collection. To see what is for sale right now go to my website.

This is one of the original works that recently sold and what the new owner wrote:

Henry Artwork - Pencil on Mylar
“Idiotic cat” – Final Art

“Today we got the package from you.  Thanks!!!  My face lit up when I saw it, and the mailman smiled at me.
Stirling thinks the Henry shirt is the greatest thing ever.  “How’d he know a circle is my favorite shape?” he exclaimed.

Can’t wait till we can afford to do some framing and get these beautiful pictures up!
I’m incredibly impressed by how sharp and clear the Idiotic Cat picture is.  What kind of pencil do/did you use?

I’m so pleased and excited.

My brother told me today that Reading Rainbow is coming to its series finale soon.  What a bummer, when it brought beautiful books like Hot Air Henry to our attention!  I hope the whole series is available on DVD someday.

Thank you again for the beautiful artwork–which, of course, will be handed down the generations of our family now.  Oh, and Stirling requests that the following products be produced:  Henry underwear, Henry pants, and Henry gummis.  I bet at Christmas he’ll be asking for a Henry ornament!”

2007 Sale

Harry and Shellburt Original – Sketch for the Cover

By Dorothy o. Van Woerkom

Original Artwork- cover rough